​​​​​​​RAGTIME ROMP, is available to purchase for your high school or community orchestra, from Performer's Edition (click the picture to visit Performer's Edition). My next one, Prelude and Fugue in G Minor will be out soon! 

I am embarking on my author career! Mary Anne's Rhapsody is finished and I'm searching for an agent. 🎻🎻 Quirky college violinist Mary Anne Clark is in love with Scott Fields, the hot real estate agent she rescued from a motorcycle crash when she was a little girl, and she thinks she can nab him with music. But he’s older and lives life in the fast lane, and her parents want him to stay away. Scott is so proud of his rescuer that he tells everyone about how the violin prodigy saved his life, much to the dismay of his girlfriend which causes a host of difficulties for Scott. After a troublesome sophomore year of college, Mary Anne finally snares him but finds out he’s a dud and tries to move on. Realizing how much he lost when Mary Anne walked out on him, Scott drops everything to pursue her with all of his strength and hope in a labor of love involving family and music.

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